Our Vision at The Real Collective is to provide the most exceptional selling and buying experience through our unique human – centric approach and state – of – the – art technology, unparalleled marketing expertise and steadfast customer support. After all, let us ensure that you have a smooth and successful selling process so that you can pay attention to the things that truly matter to you. We are here to disrupt the industry and we invite you to join us in our journey of inevitable success.



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As times change and clients evolve in their Real Estate portfolio, we at The Real Collective is constantly upgrading ourselves to serve your needs. From Residential Properties all the way to Commercial Building Management, we got you covered!

Our dedicated team of analysts constantly generate market research for different property sectors to keep our competitive edge, while our marketing experts tap on their acumen in creative marketing to ensure your Real Estate is positioned to deliver Real Results.






Buyers are highly sophisticated and well – informed these days, and let’s not forget the sea of unoptimised listings in the resale market. If the sale of your property is not well – planned and optimally marketed, it could drown in that sea. We witnessed far too many properties. That were not represented in the best possible manner to achieve the most optimal results. As homeowners ourselves, we feel that much more could have been done. Photos taken on the best smartphones may be sufficient to list a property but could more be done so that your beloved home can be optimally marketed to achieve its optimal price?

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Claire & Elson

“Selling our matrimonial home is a big decision and selecting the perfect property agent is equally important. There are so many agents to choose from and we have a relative who is also one which made really hard to decide. Glad to have sat through your presentation, which we find the most professional, insightful and transparent. It allowed us to know you are the right agent to market our beloved home. Thank you for your commitment and professionalism, and most importantly, helping us sell our home at the price we want! At least, it made it easier for my Claire to let it go. LOL

Ghim Moh HDB 4 - Room Apartment

Mrs Boey

“Dear Chua. This serves as a testimonial to you and your team. I have met countless agents in my life and you happened to be one of the most talented and capable agent I have met. I always find that agents do not deserve the money they are paid just for just some property tour and paperwork and thus, set a limit to the fee to whoever that deals with my properties. I am finally convinced that there are agents like you who possess better negotiation skill and marketing expertise which can help get real results. Good job, young man!”

Watertown 1 Bedroom

Mr & Mrs Tan

“We have interviewed 6 agents before meeting the Real Collective team and we were impressed by their honesty and very convinced by the marketing approach they showed us when we first met. We are glad that they were able to sell our place in just 3 weeks. Thanks guys! Will sure recommend friends to you.”

Twin Waterfalls 3 Bedroom

Doreen & Junyuan

You and your team are simply amazing! Comparing you and my parents’ agents…You guys are like from different planet, man… No wonder always get awards. Haha! To be honest, my wife and I were still a little doubtful after listening to your presentation but we like your confidence so let you try. We never thought video marketing and those things that you did can help bring the price up. Kungfu really real, man! Double thumbs up! Thanks ya! Email me the OTP tmr, k. Have a good rest!”

Jurong West 5 - Room HDB Apartment

Jason & Tiffany

“Hey guys! I really wanna compliment you all for all the hardwork, effort and impressive delivery. The attention to detail in helping us sell our house is really not easy at all. We were still worried that our unit can’t be sold at an ideal price especially with the demoralising stuffs we saw about the recent pricing trends and market condition. From analysing to marketing to assuring us. You guys made the process so smooth. Thanks for taking up our unit and sold it faster and negotiated a much higher price than we could imagine! We are extremely grateful and impressed that you guys went above and beyond to deliver an almost impossible price within one single viewing, even when you are burdened by an exceptional family difficulty. This level of responsibility is respectable! Jason and I finally believe that the agent really makes a big difference! ”

Punggol 4 - Room HDB BTO Seller

Kelvin Yeo

As you know that we have tried to sell our property through a few other agents over a period of 7 months but it wasn’t fruitful. None of those agents have advised us to do any home improvement like you did, and that was the first thing you highlighted and insist that we did. Glad that we have trusted your insightful and sound advice and let you do what you do best. My son even commented after the first meeting that you guys are super professional as compared to the other agents. What surprises us the most is how fast you managed to get the offer and the offer that is much higher than what we have expected. All these just within a week of marketing! Impressive!

The Belleforte 3 Bedroom

Tay Family

“We are glad to have met you guys! Always telling our friends that we are lucky to have real estate buddies like you. Can totally trust you with our real estate matters and know that you always give us the most truthful and sincere advice. Thanks again, buddy!”

Varsity Park 4 Bedroom

Mr Leong, Space@Kovan

I’ve worked with many agents in my years of buying and selling properties and I have yet met any real estate agents like you and your team. Previous agents that tried to sell my property for almost a year kept giving me reasons why my property is not good yet you guys got for me record selling price within 1 month! You guys are remarkable and really know how to bring out the best of my property. I am very impressed! The professionalism, work ethics and skilful means that you and your team delivered really makes a huge difference in my selling and purchasing process. I’m so glad to meet you guys and heeded your professional advice. I am looking forward to my new home you found me too! Thank you so much, Veroy and team!

Space@Kovan 2 Bedroom

Other agents just list your property. #TRC sells it the way it deserves to be SOLD!

We are obsessed with REAL RESULTS and we do that by a series of strategic marketing approach. Other than listing your property on the Typical Property Portals, we also utilize our in-depth knowledge of Advanced Digital Marketing & Professional Styling to create a recurring first impression to the Target Buyers that you want and eventually achieving an Optimal Selling Price.


Selling is an important decision and we profoundly understand it. Let’s meet up and allow us to analyse for you if selling is the best option for you.

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